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      Upon Being Asked What I Believe In

           after Dean Young

      I say, for starters, the word in,
      the way it dumps quicksand before
      love and trouble, or after belief
      and jump right! I say the days I'm sunk
      in up to my waist, improvising
      with ingredients at hand. I say the sizzle
      of bacon, onions, the wooden spoon
      meandering through thick lentil soup
      with basil. I say all the herbs in my garden,
      pushing roots into earth. I say the Zen
      of weeding, aches that follow. And how,
      in Japan, they seat a guest facing away
      from the most beautiful part of the room,
      remember the person later as what's missing
      from the art. I say my first slow dance,
      the texture of polyester against my cheek,
      those hit songs I wrote out, cataloged.
      I say catalogs, glossy paper, the thrill
      of promises, anticipation. I say afternoon naps,
      dark chocolate, gin martinis. And wine,
      the best I ever tasted from a styrofoam cup,
      the nurse urging me to gulp it down
      my second day of labor. I say my babies'
      milk-drunk faces. And my teenage sons,
      the way they answer me in French, pleased
      that I can't understand. I almost talk about being
      the only woman in the house. I say, whatever
      Lisa Simpson believes in. And, yes, the saxophone.
      I say music from unexpected sources,
      the younger me sent to test cars
      in 30-below Fairbanks, how I let a local
      drive me away from town one midnight for a chance
      at the aurora borealis, how I shivered
      from the colors. I say the starkness of snow
      on a wheat field or in the backyard, deep drifts
      obscuring the picnic table, my tears. I say the weight
      of twilight, moonrise, voices that drift
      through the living room: Louis Armstrong,
      Eudora Welty, my husband offering
      to warm my feet. I say sharing the thermostat
      and the covers and the Sunday Times. I say the pulse
      of algebra, all those x's busy intersecting
      all those y's, points aligned. I say the tangle
      of science and poetry, earthworm
      and wormhole, the tunneling mind. And the wild
      flight of fireflies, bodies glowing
      from both desire and defense.

  Christine Rhein

Christine Rhein, “Upon Being Asked What I Believe In” from Wild Flight. Copyright © 2008 by Christine Rhein. Used by permission of Texas Tech University Press.
   Other Past Appearances Include:
Ann Arbor Book Festival (2008)
The Brighton District Library (2008, 2004)
The Detroit Scarab Club (2008, 2007)
The Detroit Opera House (2007, 2004, 2002)
Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, Ann Arbor (2007)
Birmingham Bloomfield Arts Center (2005)
The Bloomfield Hills Library (2004)
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