One of Christine's poems, "Wren's Nest in a Saguaro," plays in the acoustic chairs at the South Mountain  Community Library in Phoenix, Arizona. Listen here.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017
Pushcart Prize Board Nominations (2021, 2018, 2017)
Green Mountains Review, 2014 Neil Shepard Poetry Prize
Atlantic Center for the Arts, 3-Week Residency (2010)
Best New Poets 2007 ("One of those questions")
Michigan Quarterly Review, 2006 L. Goldstein Poetry Prize
Poetry Daily (7/12/08, 12/20/06); Verse Daily (2/18/10)
Barbara Deming Fund, 2004 Individual Artist Grant          
AWP-WC&C, 2002 Writers’ Conference Scholarship
Awards & Honors
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Christine Rhein has always lived in Michigan. She is an active member of the Ann Arbor writing community and of Springfed Arts - Metro Detroit Writers. She also serves on the advisory board of The Detroit Writers' Guild.

About her work as a writer, Christine says, “My background as an automotive engineer seems to play a part in my writing. Each poem presents a puzzle, with its components and features needing to fit and operate together just so in order to give the reader the best possible ride down the page. Of course, tinkering with poems is boundless, while cars come with many constraints. When I write, I want a ride that’s not safe, smooth, or even steerable, but rather one that’s full of unexpected lunges, turns, and spins.”
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